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Weber 7573 Premium Cover for Weber Spirit 200/300 Gas Grills
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Weber 7573 Premium Cover for Weber Spirit 200/300 Gas Grills



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 12.1 inches
Product Width: 3.1 inches
Product Height: 14.5 inches
Product Weight: 4.0 pounds
Package Length: 14.1 inches
Package Width: 12.4 inches
Package Height: 3.2 inches
Package Weight: 3.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 488 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 488 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

38 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5FitJun 15, 2009
I had to research this by part number as I have a Weber Genesis Silver B that I have had for nearly 8+ years. Description at first seems it wouldn't work but this cover fits perfectly. Glad I got it.

62 of 68 found the following review helpful:

1One of Weber's few non durable offeringsMar 04, 2012
By Ralph R. Williams
I will be short and succinct. I'm a Weber fan-boy; I own a Weber Silver B, have always owned Weber grills (since circa 1988), am always extolling the value for buck for Weber products. I own a rotisserie, the poultry roaster, a handle light.....all Weber accessories and all very useful...and durable.

The Weber 7573 cover? My one disappointment. I've had TWO now "go bad on me". the first suffered the seams coming apart, just failure of the seams. (and, note, i take care of my eqpt). My second replacement, the velcro tab to secure the cover tore loose; not per abuse, as again, I'm very careful with the handling of my grill and its accessories). Were one to look at the cover, it looks new, 'cept the tore off strap (which now leads to a cover which likes to take flight in windy days)

Bottom line, I contacted Weber CS; explained to them I expected the same durability and quality workmanship I'd come to expect from all my Weber products over the years. LOL, I was informed Weber would need pics and a receipt of purchase. .JPEGS I could readily provide, but I informed CS that no, I didn't save documentation for the cover (the grill proper, yes, but not for the cover, the other minor accessories, etc) as I didn't expect to "need warranty coverage" for a simple cover within a year. Suffice it to say, I was surprised and disappointed at the failure of the cover and Weber's handling of my concern. Takeaway of the day for me- the extra money for Weber's higher priced grill cover is better spent on a generic, cheaper non-OEM. I don't need aesthetics of the Weber logo on my grill cover which in reality seems as cheaply made as the competition.

Weber--> A++ on my other products, D- on this over priced, poorly constructed cover.

Go to Home Depot, Lowes, buy a generic cover, save your $$

38 of 41 found the following review helpful:

5Does what it's designed to doMar 17, 2009
By jlau
I got this cover for my Weber Spirit E-310. It's made for a Spirit so it fits nicely. There is a velcro strap near the bottom of each side so it won't be blown off by wind. At 5 lbs the material feels fairly heavy duty and waterproof. However the seams could possibly allow some water through, but it won't be much if any at all. This cover does not have the perforated air vents that other Weber covers have and owners complain about. The cost is roughly the same as a generic cover that might not fit or protect as well. Like all Weber products, I expect this to last a few years. If you have a Weber grill, get a Weber cover.

16 of 18 found the following review helpful:

5GOOD QUALITY & GOOD VALUE * * * * *Jun 10, 2010
By UpperDown
In 2002 I purchased a Weber Genesis® Silver-A model gas grill. I bought a genuine Weber brand cover for it at the same time (around $50 back then). Unlike this new version of the cover, it had two "vents" - one in front and one in back. I never understood the need for vents, and indeed the vents proved to be nothing but an annoyance and the cause for the cover's eventual downfall. Not only did the vents let in air, they also let in moisture and dust. Everything else about the cover was high quality and held up very well for the last eight years, but the open weave fabric in the vents steadily deteriorated, and as it did the vents allowed more and more moisture and dust to come through to the grill, which defeated the whole purpose of having a cover in the first place. The only reason I purchased a replacement cover is because of the failed vents - the cover itself would have easily lasted 20 years without the silly vents.

This newer generation cover is still durably constructed, made of the very same high-quality fabric-backed material, and has the same Velcro® strips at the bottom-sides to keep it tight against the legs in the wind. The overall fit is not quite as snug and form-fitting as the circa 2002 cover was on my Genesis model, but it's only marginally bigger, and I find that the extra room actually makes it easier to get on/off. It's not hard to understand why Weber has changed the fit a little to accommodate the changes/additions to their grills over the years, and having one cover suitable for several models instead of just one. But they've maintained their high standards, and there is no evident change or compromise in quality. For me the single biggest improvement to this new generation cover is the absence of those perfectly pointless vents, and I'm looking forward to my grill finally staying truly clean and dry.

9 of 11 found the following review helpful:

1leaksJul 06, 2011
By walterd
It fits well, but it leaks in the rain.
Rust is the long-term enemy for most grill parts that are not stainless. It will not protect from this. Water even gets inside the grill cabinet underneath with a good sized rain.

At this price they could spray a water-resistant layer on it. Buy a cheap one that is lined, attach it with a bungee cord if it does not fit exactly and project your grill. Now I get to dump another $5-10 on seam sealing and water resistant a spray. Could buy a breathable rain poncho and it would do better for less.

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